Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin Hand Notes Earn Criticism

By Meena Kar
Nashville, Feb 9, (THAINDIAN NEWS)

The former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who was the candidate for vice-presidential race has come under the limelight, after making a speech during the National Tea Party Convention, on Saturday. As per the reports, the veteran Republican, who had mocked President Barack Obama for his dependence on teleprompter scripted the main points of her Tea Party speech on hand. It has been reported that Sarah Palin, who presented a brilliant speech to motivate people referred to her hand notes so that she does not forget the main issues that she needs to highlight on the occasion.

Reports indicate that people who had gathered to listen Sarah Palin’s speech had not noticed that she had jotted down some notes on her hand. It has been reported that some media representatives noticed this brilliant act of the politician and snapped photographs. When they zoomed the images, they had found some words like, “Lift Americans Spirits”, “Tax”, “Budget Cuts” and “Energy” were written on her palm. The news that Sarah Palin had scripted the major highlights of her speech on hand, once again indicated her as an ‘unorganized’ politician, who is not sure of what she needs to say, when she addresses her countrymen in a meeting.

Sarah Palin is one of the most prominent Republican politicians of the country and it is quite surprising that she used notes while addressing people in a meeting. Though the reports that Sarah Palin referred to hand notes in the Tea Party Convention speech has gained huge attention, no one has yet made any comment on this issue. Sarah Palin also has not responded to this news.

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magx01 said...

Here's the question for which she needed to consult her hand:

What are the top three priorities once there's a conservative president and congress?

She doesn't even have her own priorities straight......

She got paid 100K for this speaking engagement, btw.

My full thoughts on this, if you're interested: