Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah Palin: American Law Should Be 'Based On The God Of The Bible And The Ten Commandments'

Sarah Palin joined Fox News's Bill O'Reilly recently to condemn the critics of the National Day of Prayer, saying that the Judeo-Christian belief was the basis for American law and should continue to be used as a guiding force for creating future legislation.

According to Palin, the recent backlash against the National Day of Prayer is proof that some people are trying to enact a "fundamental transformation of America" and to "revisit and rewrite history" in order to shift the Christian nation away from its spiritual roots.

Palins's advice: "Go back to what our founders and our founding documents meant -- they're quite clear -- that we would create law based on the God of the bible and the ten commandments.

"What in hell scares people about talking about America's foundation of faith?" Palin continued. "It is that world view that involves some people being afraid of being able to discuss our foundation, being able to discuss God in the public square, that's the only thing I can attribute it to."

Palin had also recently criticized the decision to dis-invite the Rev. Franklin Graham from a Pentagon prayer service over concerns about his past inflammatory rhetoric about Islam, saying it was driven by a desire to be overly politically correct.

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Anonymous said...

No it friggin wasn't. Get it right, righties.


Kit said...

Good call, Anonymous.
I thought one of the points of founding American was for religious freedom (including freedom FROM religion....)

ttorres2010 said...

She is the most oblivious, conceited and uncaring person in the world. America was built on seperation of church and state! It's against the constitution, and its against what the founding fathers wanted. America is for people to worship whoever they want with out being condemned for it. Damn it. I hate this woman.

Chanci said...

Run for president Sarah PLEASE!!!! I hope she wants the obsessed with death Leviticus part of the bible to be part of law, huh?

Want to chop down an old tree that was ready to come down; for fire wood in the winter on a SUNDAY? Well get ready to be stoned to death... (anyone caught working on the Sabbath would be stoned to death)

Oh our medical field workers would be out of business and work and into their graves...

Your daughter or son is back talking to you? Stone em to death.

We will need tons of rocks just to hurl at people for silly things.