Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin Gets Booed

By DAVID WEIGEL 11/20/09 10:50 AM

It’s the dark side of the media sensation book tour: the disappointed fans who, in the age of YouTube and blog comments, have louder voices than ever. Liberal blogger Kevin K. at Rumproast has video and angry comments from Sarah Palin fans. One angry comment:

Went to the book signing in Noblesville, IN. Waited three hours in the cold to get a wristband to reserve my spot at the book signing tonight. We were told she would sign book for the first 1000 people. Not so. The event ended promptly at 9:00pm, though there were still at least 150 people left. Wasted my day, wasted money on a babysitter, and wasted my money on this book.

The video (after the jump) of the scene in Noblesville is even worse. “You want somebody who’s gonna be quittin’ on the job?” yells one heckler. “Right there! Quittin’ on the job.”


Anonymous said...

Um...those people are idiots for waiting 7 + hours in the cold for that garbage. I don't have a lot of sympathy for Sarah Palin fans...sorry.

Punohu's Politics,Environment and Culture said...

We had a "Sarah Palin Book To Nowhere Bookburning and Potluck", on December 19th. It went off great. We actually didn't burn any books, or purchase any of her books either. I got the genius idea of just using books, then downloading the cover, taping them to the bookcovers. Then we had people hold up the books with the covers taped on, and then remove it, and then ceremoniously burn the paper with the bookcover printed on it, in a small bar-b-q fire. Everyone had a blast. We filmed it on the beach in Hawaii, when she was schedualed to be in the state, but her leaving was hilarious. I am one of her most vehement detractors. This woman is an abomination to mothers, and women in general everywhere. shame shame shame. Check out my blogsite at I have tons of articles and vids against this woman.

Anonymous said...

They are idots for even wanting a book sign by Sarah Palin.

I'm not normally for book burning but in the case of her peice of rubish... I can make an exception.

magx01 said...

I'm sorry but, if you're waiting 7 hours in the cold for another human being to write their name in a book that you purchased (and in doing so aided them in making even more millions off of you) you're a fucking irrational idiot, and this is increased 100 fold when the person in question is doing this for a Sarah Palin book/signature.